Akwox 9-Key Cherry MX Switch Tester, Keycap puller, keyboard Keycap, O-Ring Sampler Tester Kit


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Don't know which Cherry switch fits you the most?
Purchase this tester and try yourself before you chose keyboard! Our kit is designed to simulate the actual feeling on a real cherry mx switch mechanical keyboard by mounting all the actual switches on a special design model!

Includeds 9 clear keycaps, Cherry MX switch types, and sound dampening O-rings.
-Cherry MX Red.Low actuation force, silent, smooth. The most popular switch for gaming, it has the lowest force required to hold the key down (just imagine how long you hold "w" to move forward in most games, this key won't tire your hand). One of the most popular keys, used in many gaming keyboards.
-Cherry MX Black. High actuation force, silent, smooth. Basically a slightly more resistant red, a matter of personal preference.
-Cherry MX Blue. Medium actuation force, clicky, loud. Very popular for typists who don't mind annoying their neighbors.
-Cherry MX Brown.Low actuation force, quiet tactile bump. Can be viewed as a compromise between the Red and Blue, typists generally prefer the tactile "bump" feeling, yet the key is quiet so it won't annoy your neighbors. One of the most common key types, as it is used by both gamers and typists.
-Cherry MX Green. Tactile & Clicky 80g actuation force - Firm tactile and clicky switch.
-Cherry MX Gray-brown. Firm Linear 60g actuation force - Tactile bump, no click.
-Cherry MX Gray-black. Tactile 80g actuation force - Firm tactile bump, no click.
-Cherry MX clear. Tactile 55g actuation force - Tactile bump, no click.
-Cherry MX white. Tactile & Clicky 65g actuation force - Tactile and lighter click switch.

Each sampler kit are mounted on acrylic base and includes:
* Translucent clear keycaps (Qty: 9)
* Cherry MX switch types (Qty:9)
* Sound dampening rubber o-ring (Qty: 9)
* Keycap Puller (Qty:1)


  • Provides an accurate representation of feel and noise of the 9 major Cherry MX switches.
  • A must have kit to try Cherry MX mechanical key switch.
  • Mounted on special design acrylic model to simulate actual key feeling.
  • Translucent clear keycaps to easily distinguish between switch types and O-rings.
  • 9 Different Cherry MX Switches: Cherry MX Red(1), MX Black(1), MX Blue(1), MX Brown(1), MX Green(1), MX Gray-brown(1), MX Gray-black(1), MX Clear(1), MX White(1)


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